Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Connecticut

Dr. Collins offers many of the most rewarding cosmetic surgical procedures for all areas of the body. These operations are designed to reshape or refine a specific area of your body to improve aesthetic form and overall appearance. Browse these links to learn more about plastic surgery in Guilford.

Arm Lift
Arm lift can help people who have loose, hanging skin in the upper arm area.
Eyelid Surgery
Blepharoplasty is performed to treat drooping upper eyelids or puffy bags below the eyes.
Body Lift
Body lift surgery can tighten stretched or sagging skin and sculpt body areas that have lost their shape.
Facelift is a proven plastic surgery procedure that works to correct or reduce the signs of aging.
Body Contouring After Weight Loss
Body contouring can tighten sagging skin that has failed to shrink after major weight loss.
Facial Implants
Facial implants are surgically inserted in the face to add contour to the chin and cheeks.
Breast Augmentation
Breast augmentation can enlarge breast size and enhance body proportion.
Fat Grafting
Fat grafting can reduce the appearance of scars, wrinkles and other contour depressions.
Breast Lift
Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, can elevate your breasts to a more youthful position.
Liposuction reduces fat to reveal underlying muscle definition achieve a more sculpted physique.
Breast Reduction
Breast reduction surgery resolves health and cosmetic issues caused by very large breasts.
Male Breast Reduction
Male breast reduction alleviates puffiness and protrusion in the chest and nipples.
Chin Surgery
Chin surgery can either augment or reduce the size of the chin in order to balance a person’s facial features.
Thigh Lift
Thigh lift removes extra skin, fat deposits and poor shape in the upper legs.
Dermabrasion is a surgical skin refinishing treatment for imperfections like scarring and deep wrinkles.
Tummy Tuck
A tummy tuck can permanently reduce loose, sagging skin and stretch marks in the abdominal area.
Ear Pinning Surgery
Otoplasty or pinnaplasty reshapes the ears by folding them back closer to the patient’s head.
Tumescent Technique
The tumescent technique refers to anesthesia and a “super-wet” liposuction technique.
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