Thigh Lift Connecticut

Thigh lift, or thigh reduction, is the only effective way to address extra skin deposits and poor shape in the upper legs. This procedure performed by Connecticut cosmetic surgeon Dr. Beth Collins is a popular part of body lift and body contouring procedures, especially for patients who have achieved major weight loss, because it helps restore a shapely, firm appearance to the thigh region.

Who Should Get a Thigh Lift?

Most patients who seek thigh lift surgery whether they are men or women typically do so because aging, loss of skin elasticity and weight loss have left them with uncomfortably loose flaps of skin in the thigh area. If you are troubled or embarrassed by the appearance of your thighs and feel that excess skin stands between you and your ideal lower body shape, a thigh lift may be right for you.

What Does a Thigh Lift Do?

During your thigh lift procedure, Dr. Collins will make incisions along pubic area folds and/or the inner thighs, and sagging excess skin in the thigh areas will be removed. The length of incisions varies depending on how much skin must be removed to achieve your cosmetic goals. For patients who have experienced massive weight loss, scars will typically be longer. After thigh lift surgery, patients have firmer, slimmer thighs and no longer have to deal with unsightly and uncomfortable loose skin flaps and folds.

After Thigh Lift Surgery: What Should I Expect?

The initial thigh lift recovery period is about two to three weeks, during which time patients usually need to be off work and limit their physical activity. It is essential to minimize swelling to ensure great thigh lift results, so be sure to follow all post-op care instructions, including keeping your legs elevated and wearing compression garments as directed.

Related Procedures and Thigh Lift Alternatives

Thigh lift surgery is often performed in combination with body lift and thigh liposuction procedures designed to improve the shape of lower body curves and contours. There is no better treatment than a thigh lift to correct loose, wrinkled skin in the thigh area.

Connecticut thigh lift patients from all over New Haven County, including patients from East Haven, West Haven, Madison, Branford and Guilford, come to Dr. Beth Collins because she is fellowship-trained in body contouring procedures such as thigh reduction. If you want to get rid of saggy “elephant skin” in the thigh region, please call or email Dr. Collins to arrange a consultation.

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