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Mother considering Mommy Makeover in Guilford, CT.

Mommy Makeover 101: Answering Your Top Questions

All bodies change over time, and this is especially the case after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Your breasts may "deflate" or begin to sag while your midsection develops a permanent "belly pooch." Many women turn to mommy makeover surgery to correct these common problems and regain their pre-baby look. But what exactly happens during a mommy …

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Pregnant woman contemplating a tummy tuck during a C-section

Why a “C-Tuck” Tummy Tuck Is a No-No

Pregnant women planning to get a C-section may come across discussions of the "C-tuck," or getting a tummy tuck immediately after a C section. Even though the idea sounds appealing, there’s a lot wrong with the concept.  As a plastic surgeon who frequently performs tummy tuck surgeries here in New Haven, I’m hesitant to recommend …

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New Moms Flock to “Makeover” Surgeries

As Mother’s Day weekend winds to a close we learn that “mommy makeover” surgeries are growing in popularity, mostly among young mothers, according to the ASPS. In fact, 62% of mothers said they would undergo a “mommy makeover” if cost were not an issue.  Dana Van Gray, 38, who underwent breast augmentation and a tummy …

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