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Woman after NanoLaserPeel

Reverse Signs of Aging with a NanoLaserPeel™

Scientists say that only a fraction of what we communicate to others is communicated verbally. The vast majority of our communication is done through subtle visual cues that are transmitted almost subconsciously by our face. People make decisions about others not by what they say necessarily, but instead by how they look. So, the question …

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Woman wearing a bra

Make Your Own Breast Implant Sizers and Decide Which Implant Size is Right for You

Size matters when it comes to breast implants. Most women find that determining the right breast implant size can be just as difficult as deciding to undergo breast augmentation in the first place. Guilford plastic surgeon Dr. Beth Collins believes that realistic expectations are key to patient satisfaction, so it is essential that you are …

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Allergan Releases Statement About Gel-Filled Breast Implants

Allergan Inc., a prominent breast implant device manufacturer, has released a statement distancing itself from the Poly Implant Prosthese (PIP) breast implant scandal which is currently under investigation in Europe. Allergan, maker of popular breast implant products such as NATRELLE, McGhan and CUI, is in no way affiliated with PIP and seeks to reassure patients …

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