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Woman using computer to consider treatments to address signs of aging

Pre-Juvenation Treatments

Regenerative medicine is in its infancy and there is exciting evidence that we may be able to harness the body’s own healing mechanisms to help accelerate healing, reduce inflammation and to promote growth of healthy tissue. Men and women from New Haven, New London, Mystic, Westerly, Hopkinton, and the surrounding areas who visit Dr. Beth …

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Woman learning about the myths on Facelift in Guilford, CT.

Busting 4 Common Facelift Myths

Growing old is a privilege, but looking older isn't a requirement. Modern treatments like facelift surgery can help men and women tighten sagging skin and take years off their appearance. Unfortunately, there are many old myths surrounding facelift surgery. Our patients in Guilford and the New London, CT, area often ask if the procedure can …

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The Value of Cosmetic Procedures While Job Hunting

Services like resume writers and recruiters make sense when attempting to find a new position or career. While cosmetic surgery doesn’t usually make the top of the job hunting services list, it can impact your marketability in the process. Foremost for getting a new position is preparing for an interview by educating one’s self on …

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