Tummy Tuck

Between pregnancy, weight loss, and aging, the abdomen sees a lot of changes throughout a person’s life. Over time, a taut, toned belly can lose its shape and begin to bulge and sag. Often, these changes are resistant to diet and exercise measures. When performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Beth Collins, a tummy tuck here in Guilford helps people from New Haven, New London, Mystic, and other Connecticut cities love their abdomens again. Learn how it’s done.

The Basics of Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck, known technically as “abdominoplasty,” is a surgical procedure that can rejuvenate the appearance of the midsection. Although the surgery is customized to each patient, it’s generally used to reduce loose skin and some small deposits of fat. A tummy tuck isn’t a weight loss procedure, and it’s not a good fit for patients who are significantly overweight. Instead, it’s best for men and women who are at a relatively healthy, stable weight but bothered by redundant skin on the abdomen. A tummy tuck can also be used to tighten weak or damaged abdominal muscles and correct a condition called diastasis recti.

Tummy Tuck Candidates

Most people who are in good physical and mental health are eligible for tummy tuck surgery, although there are some counterindications. The procedure is not appropriate for those who are significantly overweight. Additionally, if you’re a woman and you’re planning on having more kids in the future, you should postpone your procedure until you’re done building your family.

During your consultation, Dr. Collins talks about your medical history as well as your aesthetic desires. She can help you plan the perfect tummy tuck or consider other procedures, such as liposuction or CoolSculpting®, that might be better suited to you.

Beth Collins, M.D.

Beth Collins, M.D.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Beth Collins offers a blend of clinical expertise and warm, open communication to ensure beautiful results from your chosen procedure. Learn more about her experience and explore what she can do for you.

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What Happens During Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Dr. Collins performs tummy tuck surgery while you are completely asleep under general anesthesia. This ensures your comfort during the procedure as well as Dr. Collins’s complete focus and control. She makes a horizontal incision as low as possible on your abdomen, typically just above the pubic area. Once healed, the scar stays concealed under clothing and most types of swimwear, too. She also makes an incision within your navel.

Through these incisions, she surgically tightens the abdominal muscles and releases the overlying skin. She then re-drapes the skin across the abdomen to form a taut contour before removing excess skin and closing the incisions. She places surgical drains within the incisions; these temporary drains help reduce fluid accumulation as you heal.

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Tummy Tuck Recovery & Results

Shortly after you wake up from anesthesia, you should be able to safely return home in the care of a trusted adult. You can expect Dr. Collins to remove your surgical drains at one of your follow up appointments within a few days of surgery. While you’re recuperating at home, steer clear of strenuous exercise and any activities that require you to bend over, stretch, or lift more than a few pounds. Light activities around the house are encouraged. You can manage your discomfort with prescribed pain medication.

Plan to return to work and other light daily activities in about 2 weeks. By protecting your incisions from sun exposure, you should be able to prevent unnecessary scarring. With proper care, your tummy tuck results can last indefinitely!

Dr. Collins wants to work with you. To learn more about tummy tuck options in the Guilford, New Haven, New London, or shoreline areas, request your consultation online or call us at (203) 689-5295.

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