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Stepanka Shares Her Chin Liposuction Experience With Fans (Updated 2024)

Even though nonsurgical treatments to reduce fat under the chin can be effective for certain patients, chin liposuction is often the best and most cost-effective procedure. It produces dramatic, almost immediate results, as you can see in the videos posted by Stepanka, a popular YouTube star. She chose board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Beth Collins to …

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Liposuction Guilford, CT

Liposuction 101: All Your Questions Answered

When it comes to body contouring, few procedures can compete with liposuction. Our Guilford, CT, patients enjoy using this treatment to shrink unwanted rolls and smooth out trouble spots. However, starting research on plastic surgery procedures like liposuction can be a daunting task. How exactly does liposuction work? And how do you know if it’s …

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