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Dr. Beth Collins

Dr. Beth Collins is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who is fellowship-trained in body contouring. She serves men and women from Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York in her Guilford and Mystic, CT practice locations.

Start working with Dr. Collins—she can’t wait to meet you. Request your consultation with our online form or call us at her Guilford location at (203) 689-5295 or Mystic location at (860) 572-6868 to book your appointment.

Real Options for Real Results

“I believe that in order to be truly the best at doing something, you have to narrow your focus. Because I enjoy cosmetic surgery (facelift, body contouring, etc.) I have concentrated on perfecting these surgical skills. I have no desire to be a ‘Jack of all trades’ or to offer a wide variety of gimmicks and machines that provide questionable results.”

“I have honed my skills to offer a comprehensive array of surgical and minimally invasive procedures for the face and body for cosmetic improvement.”

“In my cosmetic practice, I see women and a growing number of men, all of whom want real options for real results. These patients range in age from young people in their 20s and 30s who desire enhancements like nonsurgical skin care and breast augmentation, to individuals in their 40s and beyond who want a range of aesthetic treatments to improve and restore their appearance using both nonsurgical and surgical rejuvenation.”

Made for Medicine

Dr. Beth Collins performing surgeryShe grew up in Connecticut in a medical family. Her father was a well-known general surgeon in New Haven, CT, and from her earliest memories, Dr. Collins always knew that she too wanted to be a surgeon.

After attending Choate Rosemary Hall, she moved to the south and did her undergraduate degree at Emory University in Georgia. After that, her natural curiosity for travel and exploration of her heritage brought her to Dublin, Ireland where she studied medicine.

She returned to the US for her general surgery residency in North Carolina then found herself back at Emory University for her fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery. This was followed by a specialty fellowship in breast shaping and body contouring with world-renowned surgeon, Dr. John McCraw, who was a contender for the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work in reconstructive plastic surgery.

Serving Patients from Connecticut and Beyond

After finishing her training, Dr. Collins decided to come home to start her plastic surgery practice. At first, she faced some challenges. “It was just after the 2008 financial crisis, so the banks were not giving loans to new startup businesses. I started my practice in 2009 out of my father’s office.

I hung a shingle and started off small with “lumps and bumps” from a local dermatologist who didn’t like to do any in-office surgery. Those patients stuck with me through the years.”

With her entrepreneurial drive at play, she baked cookies and delivered them to medical offices in the surrounding area to introduce herself to the office staff. That turned into referrals.

“Just a couple of years later, in 2011, I managed to save enough to open my first office in Guilford and it just blossomed from there and grew tremendously. Then, a few years later, I was driving around Mystic, and I noticed a building that I thought would be great office space. A month later, it was up for sale, and I bought it a week later. In 2021, I opened that office in Mystic.”

A Facelift ExpertDr. Beth Collins in the OR

Today, Dr. Collins is nationally recognized as an expert facelift surgeon. She speaks regularly at both regional and national meetings on deep plane facelift as well as minimally invasive facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Collins has performed hundreds of facelifts during the course of her 16+ years in practice. She performs an average of 1-2 facelift surgeries per week.

For the past two years, she has been invited to speak on panels at the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) and the Women’s Plastic Surgery Conference on these and other topics.

Bringing Her Expertise to Body Contouring

Despite a focused interest in facial rejuvenation, Dr. Collins has not forgotten her love of body contouring that she developed during her specialty fellowship and in her practice thereafter. She is known for large body transformations using both weight loss efforts through her medical spa as well as advanced body contouring techniques.

An Award-Winning Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Collins is a nationally recognized expert in facial plastic surgery and body contouring surgery. She has been recognized by the following organizations for her excellence:

  • Sciton-certified laser expert and physician trainer
  • Platinum-level Allergan injector who traveled the country teaching best practices to new injectors.
  • An Expert Injector, a recognition awarded only to the top 3% of injectors for providing an exceptional level of quality care.
  • Top Doctor in New Beauty 
  • Co-author of 2 textbook chapters
  • Trains other doctors to perform injectables for Allergan
  • Teaches cosmetic surgery to residents at Yale
  • Voted one of the Best Plastic Surgeons in New Haven 2023 
  • Castle Connolly Top Doctor 2023 – 2024
  • Castle Connolly Exceptional Women in Medicine Award 2023

American Society of Plastic Surgeons logo (ASPS), American Board of Plastic Surgery logo, American Board of Surgery logo (ABS), The Aesthetic Society logo

Best Plastic Surgeons in New Haven 2023 and Expert Injector badge

Patient Safety Is Paramount

To ensure her patients’ safety, Dr. Collins actively participates in the CosmetAssure program, which automatically covers patients against unexpected complications from covered elective procedures.

CosmetAssure Program Participating Surgeon

Dr. Beth Collins’ Results Medical SpaResults Medical Spa logo

Locally, Dr. Collins’ practice has not only grown to two locations, but also has expanded to offer minimally invasive and non-surgical options through Results Medical Spa.


“I was giving a lecture at one of the national plastic surgery meetings about med spas. Doing my research for that, I found out that over 80 percent of med spas are owned and operated by people who were not properly trained in aesthetic medicine. Many of them are not even doctors. It explained to me why I saw a progression of dissatisfied people coming from these places after they had been promised results that they spent so much money on but never obtained. It gave me the idea for the name of my med spa. I called it ‘Results’ because that is what I want to offer to people.

“Over 80% of med spas are owned and operated by people who were not properly trained in aesthetic medicine.”

“I avoid the gimmicks and I make sure that the products and procedures that we offer make a real, measurable difference. I find that when people go to non-physician-owned med spas, they are offered treatments that may not necessarily fit their problem. These things in the best situation will do nothing for that patient, but in the worst will make them look strange and artificial.”

They say that to the man with a hammer, the world is a nail. The thing that sets Results Med Spa apart from all the rest is that with Dr. Collins (a board-certified plastic surgeon) at the helm, they have every tool in their toolbox and a doctor making the decisions instead of a businessman. There is no incentive at all to push someone to a treatment that will not suit them. So, the treatments they offer have reliably great results.

A Handpicked Team of Aesthetic Experts

Today, as Dr. Collins concentrates on her surgical practice, her PA and nurses deliver the med spa services at Results Medical Spa. Dr. Collins handpicked and trained each provider.

They offer services such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, dermal fillers, laser skin care, chemical peels, and so many other treatments.

“I have an absolutely marvelous staff. I am a big believer in continuing education, and these women go all over to keep up on the newest innovations and they are constantly working to improve their knowledge and skills. I would not hesitate to have any one of them do a treatment on me or my family.”

“I just love my staff. Over the past 15 years, I have put together a team of the warmest, most lovely women who earnestly love their craft and want to see all their patients thrive. I love coming to the office to work. We have a great group. It is obvious the minute you walk in. We love what we do.”

Medical Weight Loss to Support Whole Body Wellness

In addition, Dr. Collins has started a medical weight loss clinic with semaglutide weight loss injections as a staple. She has seen terrific transformations in people who have struggled with obesity for their whole lives.

They follow the lab values in their patients and have found that not only are they experiencing cosmetic improvements, but their health benefits from the weight loss treatment. They’re seeing improvements in patients’ cholesterol values and liver function tests among other parameters.

“It is the benefit of having a treatment done by a physician rather than getting someone online to mail a prescription to you. We are doctors and nurses in this office. Our priority is your health and well-being.”

A Myriad of Treatments Available

There is so much more to Results Medical Spa than nonsurgical treatments. They boast preventive care as well as corrective procedures and skin maintenance.

Dr. Collins even has her own proprietary medical-grade skin care line with biopsy-proven results.

At Results Medical Spa, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking to prevent skin aging or you need to correct years of baby oil and iodine, Dr. Collins and her team of aesthetic experts will create a custom treatment plan to help you achieve the natural changes you are seeking.

Injectable Training for Fellow Medical Professionals

Coastal Aesthetic Training Institute logo

Dr. Collins is a clinical instructor for the surgical residents at Yale. Through her love of education and teaching, Dr. Collins and three others founded Coastal Aesthetic Training Institute (CATI), an injector training school, to impart her experience to others and to create the gold standard for medical aesthetics. Her goal is to train other medical professionals in the proper techniques for safe and effective injections of BOTOX Cosmetic, other neuromodulators, and dermal fillers.

They currently run a weekend class from Dr. Collins’ Mystic office.

“I see so many bad injectors out there and often their mistakes find their way into my chair to correct. I would rather people learn proper techniques, so we have less of that.”

“You should feel comfortable walking around without makeup on. All you need is a thin layer of sunscreen. You can do that when you have great, healthy skin!”

That is Dr. Collins’ goal for all of her patients.

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