Meet Connecticut Plastic Surgeon - Beth Collins M.D.

Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery in New Haven, CT


“I believe that satisfaction with one’s appearance can greatly affect all aspects of daily living. These positive changes may come in the form of small changes or more dramatic transformations. The human eye is drawn to balance and symmetry in the face and body. The work I do is customized for each patient and it is very rewarding.”

Dr. Collins owns a private practice in Guilford, Connecticut. Dr. Collins is double board certified in General surgery and in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. She specializes in plastic surgery in New Haven, CT including breast and body contouring, breast reconstruction, eyelid surgery, and facial aesthetics.

Dr. Collins graduated cum laude from the University College Dublin Medical School and completed a general surgical residency at East Carolina University Medical School. Her training in plastic surgery was done at the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, GA, a coveted residency program, world-recognized for excellence in plastic surgery. While at Emory, she trained under the guidance of internationally respected plastic surgery practitioners.

Additionally, Dr. Collins was chosen for a sought-after fellowship in breast reconstruction and body contouring with Dr. John McCraw, Past-President and Distinguished Fellow of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons and widely recognized as one of the “fathers” of modern plastic surgery. During her year long tenure with Dr. McCraw, she was awarded the coveted Lee Harvey Hendricks Prize for her extensive research in the field of breast reconstruction and body contouring. She has contibuted her expertise in numerous scientific articles published in the journal of plastic and reconstructive surgery and has co-authored two chapters in the most current textbooks on breast reconstruction and use of hyperbaric oxygen in medicine.

A Conversation with Dr. Collins

Dr. Collins, please tell us about your practice.

I am a plastic surgeon with two areas of focus: The first is comprised of reconstructive surgery patients, referred to me by other doctors; the second centers on cosmetic surgery of the face and body.

I enjoy most types of reconstructive plastic surgery, from difficult wound problems to skin cancer reconstruction. I have a particular interest in facial reconstruction for skin and eyelid cancers or trauma, as well as breast reconstruction for women who have had breast cancer.

In my cosmetic practice, I see a growing number of men, as well as a range of women from young women in their twenties and thirties who desire enhancements: from non-surgical skin care to breast augmentation, to women in their 40s and beyond who desire any range of aesthetic treatments to improve and restore their appearance using both non-surgical and surgical rejuvenation.

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