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In a procedure known as facial augmentation, facial implants are strategically placed in the face to add contour to the chin and cheeks. For cheek deficiencies this means an increase in the projection of the cheek area, and a more youthful, full face. Chin implants assist in increasing the projection of the chin, which has the added benefit of bringing into balance the proportions of the nose and forehead.

In Guilford, plastic surgeon Beth Collins MD provides facial implant surgery, along with several other facial procedures that can often be performed in conjunction.

Who Should Get Facial Implants?

Common indications among those who undergo plastic surgery with facial implants are:

  • Lack of chin or cheek bone structure
  • Atrophy and sagging of soft tissues
  • A long, narrow face

Good candidates for facial implants are psychologically stable; they understand the risks and benefits of surgery, and have realistic expectations for surgery.

What Does Facial Implant Surgery Do?

Prior to surgery, you will undergo surgical exams for the face, head, neck and jaw. The implant types to be used will also be selected at this time (silicone rubber, Gore-Tex, Teflon, Acrylic, and so on).

Local or general anesthesia may be used for your procedure, depending on your needs. Once the anesthesia has been administered, the surgeon will make an incision for the insertion of the chin implant, either in the mouth or below the chin. She will then create a pocket for the implant, placing it in front of the jawbone. Soft sutures and a dressing are used to close the incision.

For cheek implants, the incision is made either inside the upper lip or the lower eyelid. The pocket is then formed, and the implant inserted and fastened with screws or sutures.

After Facial Implants: What Should I Expect?

It is important to keep your head elevated following surgery, and avoid touching your face. If you received chin implants, be sure to practice good oral hygiene in order to avoid infection, and be careful with your toothbrush around the incision. Sutures are commonly removed after approximately one week.

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