Pregnant woman contemplating a tummy tuck during a C-section

Why a “C-Tuck” Tummy Tuck Is a No-No

Pregnant women planning to get a C-section may come across discussions of the "C-tuck," or getting a tummy tuck immediately after a C section. Even though the idea sounds appealing, there’s a lot wrong with the concept.  As a plastic surgeon who frequently performs tummy tuck surgeries here in New Haven, I’m hesitant to recommend …

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Woman in red bikini

Reclaim Your Pre-Baby Body with a Mommy Makeover

There are very few things that are as life-changing as having a child. While there is a lot of joy involved in having a child, dealing with the changes that happen to your body throughout the pregnancy and birth experience can be a challenge. Excess fat and skin can hang on, as well as loosened …

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