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There is a lot of advice out there about how to fight the signs of aging – one of the most notable being Botox. But did you know that there are two other ways to achieve a younger appearance? Find out now how you can take a different approach than Botox.

Unlike Botox, there are facial treatments that can actually address the entire face, neck and chest for an even more youthful appearance. If you are a little hesitant about getting injections, check out these two alternatives to injectables and fillers.

1. Dermabrasion / Microdermabrasion

Removing dead skin cells is also a rejuvenating solution for dark spots that may appear overtime. Using a handheld device, microdermabrasion resurfaces the skin’s outer layer, leveling off those darker areas of pigmentation to give you a more even tone and texture. But some people may experience more than just dark spots.

Heavy scarring and wrinkles might be solved using dermabrasion to help reveal new, fresh skin. This skin refinishing technique also removes dead cells or damaged skin, but it goes a step further. By stimulating your skin cells, a dermabrasion actually promotes the healing process, allowing a luminescent complexion to be revealed.

If this sounds a little too much for you, then you might want to consider another method to skin renewal – an alternative to microdermabrasion…

2. Chemical Peels

By lifting away the top layer of dead skin, smoother and more even looking skin is unveiled. Chemical peels not only improve your skin’s texture, but they expose new skin that can often take years away from your appearance. They are also highly versatile in that physicians can use them on your face, neck, chest or even back.

If you have been considering Botox, but are yet 100% sold on it, consider the alternatives and check with your plastic surgeon to develop a skin care plan that best suits your needs.

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