Am I a Good Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

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The human eyes are a marvel of design. It is amazing the way that they allow us to see in full color, perceive three dimensions, capture movement and catch even the most minute details. Our eyes have the amazing ability to adjust to the light in the environment and to see even in very bright areas or in areas that have limited illumination.

Something that is even more amazing about the human eyes is their ability to transmit emotion. When a person is happy or when they are sad, it is very easy to see this by looking at their eyes. Other emotions like surprise, anger and disappointment are also transmitted by our eyes. It is fair to say that our eyes play a large role in determining how other people perceive our personality, our attitudes and our emotions.

Unfortunately, individuals who have excess skin or bags under their eyes may be inadvertently transmitting the wrong impression of themselves to others. This is because when we see a person who has bags under their eyes or excess skin, we immediately take this to mean that the individual is tired, exhausted and worn out. In some instances, excess skin around the eyes can give a person a mean or grumpy appearance. It can definitely make a person look a lot older than they actually are.

When a person realizes that their eyes are transmitting a false message about themselves, it is understandable that they want to take steps to correct the problem. One way to do this is by getting eyelid surgery. Of course, eyelid surgery is not for everyone, so it is a good idea to identify who is a good candidate for the procedure.

A good candidate for eyelid surgery is someone who has excessive amounts of skin that hide the natural fold of the upper eyelid. In some instances, this loose skin might even impair their vision. Some individuals may have puffy upper eyelids that make them look like they’re tired, or they may have fine lines on their lower eyelids that give them the appearance of crêpe paper. An individual who has bags, dark circles or heavy creases around their eyelids would definitely be a good candidate for eyelid surgery.

Eyelid surgery is a relatively simple procedure that tightens the skin, smooths wrinkles and leaves a person with a healthy, youthful and rested appearance. Especially if the problem is affecting the upper eyelids, eyelid surgery can be enhanced by accompanying the procedure with a brow lift.

As with all medical procedures, the best candidates for eyelid surgery are individuals who understand what the procedure can do for them. A good candidate is a person who is emotionally stable and goes into the procedure with reasonable expectations. Having good health is also a must.

Do not be afraid to ask questions about this procedure during a consultation at the office of Dr. Beth Collins, MD in Guilford. Dr. Collins and her team of professionals will be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have as they determine if eyelid surgery is right for you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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