Am I a Good Candidate for Non-Surgical Injectable Fillers?

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Countless conditions can arise as the result of aging or exposure to the sun. Your face may lose volume, your skin may begin to sag, and your beauty may begin to wane. Many patients simply deal with these issues due to the challenge involved in treating them.

The most common methods of treating these conditions require invasive surgery, uncomfortable recovery periods and complications like scarring. The good news is that injectable fillers represent a non-surgical way to solve many of the problems involving the face and the skin on it.

What are Injectable Fillers?

Injectable fillers help to restore the form that skin loses as it sustains damage. They are designed to be quick solutions to problems that may require more involved solutions. Certain types of fillers are better at solving certain types of dermatological issues.

One of the most common injectable fillers utilizes hyaluronic acid to replace light to moderate instances of missing collagen. It is ideal for treating fine lines and other issues that may be present near the nose or around the lips.

Other fillers can restore form to the cheeks, the chin or the jaw. They can treat larger imperfections or alleviate some of the smaller details that can make your face look markedly older than you are.

Understanding the Criteria for Using Injectable Fillers

Despite the fact that injectable fillers carry numerous benefits, they do have situations where they may be able to treat certain conditions better than other treatments.

Below is a quick list of some of the criteria that may make injectable fillers better for you to use:

  • You desire fast results – Injectable fillers are designed to offer promising results after a few treatments.
  • You don’t like surgery – This allows you to achieve results similar to surgery without the risk of infection, uncomfortable recovery periods or other undesirable side effects.
  • Your problems aren’t severe – Most patients only have dermatological issues that are light to moderate. While facelifts can treat these problems, they may be excessive. Patients requiring “touch ups” to their faces will often make ideal candidates.
  • You’ve tried other non-surgical treatments – Injectable fillers are capable of furthering the results that non-surgical treatments can provide. Fillers tend to also be capable of providing results where other treatments may be unsuccessful.

Get Results

Injectable fillers can provide amazing results when they are used in the right situations, but they aren’t the ideal treatment for every dermatological imperfection. You will need the expertise of an experienced dermatological professional to receive successful treatment.

At the office of Dr. Beth Collins, MD in Guilford, we can evaluate your needs to determine if you are a candidate for injectable fillers and other non-invasive treatments.

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