ASAPS Survey Shows Increase in Risky Medical Tourism

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Medical tourism is based on the idea that cosmetic surgery, or some other medical procedure, can be obtained inexpensively overseas.

Unfortunately, some doctors that cater to tourists are less scrupulous than those in the United States. This can leave patients with complications like infection, hematoma, and other medical issues that must be surgically repaired upon their return. Necessary operations back home can be expensive for the patient, as a health insurance company may not cover the procedure and facility fee.

Medical tourism is becoming more popular, according to the ASAPS. American plastic surgeons are seeing an increase in complications among patients returning from medical tourism trips. Surgeons who responded to a survey published in the August issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal reported cases of severe infection and contour abnormalities among their patients.

Breast augmentation was the most common cosmetic surgery performed overseas. This is also a very popular procedure in the U.S., but is often not covered by private insurance and must be paid for out of pocket. Patients looking for a less expensive way to improve their appearance may find medical tourism attractive, but the non-monetary costs can be high. The health risks involved make these tourism trips a scary proposition.

People who are looking for a way to manage the costs of cosmetic surgery should reconsider medical tourism. Instead, seek out a reputable U.S. surgeon who offers financing or a payment plan through their practice. This will allow you to improve your appearance and self-confidence, without taking unnecessary health risks.

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