Benefits of a Breast Lift

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The breasts that you had in your younger years can quickly fade as the years pass. Factors like aging, childbirth, weight gain and breastfeeding can take their toll on your breasts and cause them to lose their former appearance. If you want to turn back the hands of time, we invite you to learn more about some of the benefits that come with undergoing a professional breast lift.

Improved Appearance

A breast lift has the ability to drastically improve the way your breasts look and feel. Our board-certified plastic surgeon may recommend this procedure to correct cosmetic issues like:

• Sagging• Enlarged areolas• Fallen or drooping nipple position• Uneven breasts

After you have a breast lift, you may look and feel better and recapture an appearance that you may not have enjoyed since you were younger.

Back Pain Relief

Sagging or drooping breasts can take a toll on your back. Specifically, the weight of your breasts can strain the upper and middle areas of your back and cause significant pain as the day wears on. While you may ease the pain slightly by wearing a good support bra, you may not be able to eliminate it entirely.

A breast lift can lessen the weight that your breasts put on your back and also help you stand up straighter. Our surgeon may recommend the procedure if your sagging or drooping breasts are causing you severe pain in between your shoulders or in your back on a regular basis.

Better-Fitting Clothing

Sagging or drooping breasts can also make it a challenge to find clothing that will fit and look good on you. You may not be able to wear blouses with a tighter fit because they draw attention to your sagging bust line. Likewise, if you wear loose tops, you may look heavier than you actually are.

By undergoing a breast lift, you make it easier to find clothing that will fit you well and complement your overall appearance. You also have greater leeway when it comes to shopping for apparel that will accommodate your figure and make you look good while wearing any outfit.

Improved Hygiene

When your breasts sag or droop, you may experience hygiene issues that you cannot avoid despite your best attempts to stay clean. Primarily, you may develop rashes, thrush or skin infections under your breasts. These conditions are painful and can also be embarrassing.

When you have your breasts lifted through this procedure, you eliminate the conditions under which yeast can grow under your bust line and on the upper portion of your abdomen. You may find it easier to dry off after a shower and, thus, avoid the circumstances that cause thrush, rashes and other skin infections to grow under breasts that droop or sag.

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Breasts that sag or droop can damage your self-esteem and present challenges in your everyday life. You could improve the way you look and feel by undergoing a professional breast lift procedure performed by Dr. Beth Collins in Guilford. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more!

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