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A breast lift procedure is an ideal surgery for the correction of sagging breasts. With a breast lift, the skin is tightened, raising the breasts to a higher level. In order to decide which kind of breast lift to get, it will be helpful to know your breast ptosis grade, which describes the degree of sagging experienced by your breasts.

If you only have a minor degree of breast sag, you most likely have Grade I breast ptosis. When the breast’s areola is level with the point where the breast meets the chest, this is Grade I ptosis. Another characteristic of this breast ptosis grade is that most of the sub-areolar breast tissue sags beneath the point where the breast meets the chest.

At her practice in Guilford, experienced board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Beth Collins and her staff regularly perform a variety of aesthetic surgeries, including breast lifts. Contact our office today to set up a consultation and learn your breast ptosis grade.

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