Breast Reduction Surgery and Liposuction Improve Quality of Life

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Many are quick to jump the conclusion that all plastic surgery procedures are purely cosmetic in nature. And while plastic surgery is certainly capable of improving one’s physical appearance, many fail to realize that it’s also utilized to improve quality of life and long term health.

Breast reduction surgery, for example, is a surgical procedure that can alleviate significant discomfort associated with large breasts. Women with overly large breasts can experience a wide range of physical ailments, such as chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, skin irritation and rashes, and even skeletal deformities.

The long term health benefits of breast reduction surgery have also been proven in several research studies, including a Scandinavian study which equated the future health benefits of breast reduction to that of a hip replacement. Other studies have shown that breast reduction often serves as a catalyst for increased physical activity, ultimately reducing the patient’s for weight related diseases such as diabetes.

Liposuction, a procedure utilized to target fat deposits that are particularly resistant to exercise and dietary changes, has also been shown to have long term health benefits. This is especially true for specific target areas such as the stomach, outer thighs and upper arms. Excess fat in these areas can cause inflammation of the blood vessels and increase one’s risk for heart disease. Excess fat in these areas may also contribute to the development of other conditions such as diabetes.

The benefits of cosmetic surgery often go beyond superficial self-indulgence. Individuals may experience both cosmetic and medical improvements that can contribute to improved physical and psychological health. If you’re considering plastic surgery for long term health benefits, it is important to speak with your plastic surgeon about the potential risks and benefits of surgery.

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Source: Daily Mail

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