Contour Your Legs with a Thighplasty Treatment

Woman holding thigh considering thighplasty

Thighplasty treatment is a popular procedure, and it serves as an effective form of leg contouring. If you don’t like the look of your thighs, then you might want to think about getting this procedure. To be a good candidate, you should have poor skin elasticity in your thighs.

Thighplasty can also help you if your thighs have a flabby, dimpled or saggy appearance. Once the loose skin has been lifted, you’ll benefit from a better overall appearance. Thighplasty treatment is frequently recommended for individuals who’ve lost a lot of weight. A significant amount of weight loss can leave the skin on your thighs looking dimpled and saggy. Thighplasty can effectively correct this unwanted appearance and make your skin look younger.

The Thighplasty Procedure

Also called a thigh lift, thighplasty treatment is almost always performed using general anesthesia. The exact characteristics of the incisions vary for every patient, and there are different types of thighplasty techniques available.

Some of the most common options are medial, bilateral and inner thigh lifts. If you’d like to improve the appearance of your inner thighs, then consider getting an inner thigh lift. A bilateral lift is great for tightening the skin on the outside and front of your leg.

During a typical thigh lift procedure, excess skin will be removed. The remaining skin is then pulled up, which results in skin tightening on both sides of your leg.

Thighplasty treatment is particularly effective for patients who’ve lost a lot of weight because they’re much more prone to having saggy, loose skin. If you end up getting a medial thigh lift, the skin on the upper portion of your inner thigh will be tightened.

What Are the Results Like?

If you’re thinking about undergoing thighplasty treatment, you should know that the results can be seen almost instantly. However, it can take a few weeks for them to become fully visible.

As long as you maintain a healthy weight and practice regular exercise, you should be very happy with the results for a long time. The thigh lift is an extremely safe procedure that has helped countless people achieve their cosmetic goals.

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