Defeat Skin Problems With DermaPen

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Throughout our lifetime, our faces endure countless battles. There’s the great war against acne during our teen years, the wrinkling and spotting as we age, and of course the constant fight against the sun. In the end, the scars stick with you and add a couple years to your appearance. While looking older was a plus back in our days of trying to sneak into things we shouldn’t have necessarily been sneaking into, once you hit a certain age, we all want to look younger. With Dermapen, you can erase these scars and gain confidence with the youthful, glowing skin from your past.

Dermapen is an award-winning skin needling device and is considered to be the most advanced solution to skin care. It is effective on all skin types and solves a wide range of problems from wrinkles to scarring and wound healing. Dermapen uses advanced skin micro needling in a stamp-like motion to tighten, lift and rejuvenate your skin for dramatically younger looking skin.

Skin Care is an ongoing battle, but you don’t have to be left with the marks any longer. With the fall months and all the family gatherings coming up in the not so distant future, you should be excited to surprise your relatives with your new, glowing appearance, rather than embarrassed by how much they are secretly thinking you’ve aged since last seeing them!

Board-certified Dr. Beth Collins is dedicated to seeking out the most advanced and proven safe technologies to aid you in your quest for better skin which is why she has added the revolutionary Dermapen to her Connecticut practice. If you are tired of living with the marks of life, contact us today and say hello to beautiful skin tomorrow.

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