Dermabrasion – Connecticut Skin Revitalization

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Has the quality of your skin degraded as a result of the elements and the aging process? Get state-of-the-art skin rejuvenation with a dermabrasion treatment. This treatment removes the dead skin cells to make way for fresh, new cells.

Dermabrasion is able to ease away and erase numerous issues from the skin. Wrinkles, keratoses (patches of rough skin), scars, angiofibromas (small papules on the nose and cheeks that are sometimes discolored), and even tattoos can be removed with the help of this procedure. Rhinophyma, a nasal condition featuring thick skin, redness, and enlarged pores, can also be resolved.

With the help of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Beth Collins, you’ll be able to say goodbye to facial imperfections and hello to revitalized skin! Make an appointment for a dermabrasion consultation – contact our office today.

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