Eliminate Unwanted Body Fat with Liposuction

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Body fat can be so annoying. You can do all of the right things and still have deposits of fat that will not leave you alone. Exercise and diet do not always produce optimal results. This especially holds true if you lost a great deal of weight. You may have dropped the pounds, but resistant fat can continue to be a problem. If you have fat in typical trouble spots, you can do something about it. Liposuction can help you to finally eliminate that excess fat that has been getting in your way.

Take Away the Fat that is Bringing You Down

You are not alone if you are struggling with trouble spots on your body. Fat tends to accumulate on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, upper arms and back. If you are struggling with any of these areas, our experienced plastic surgeon can help you with a liposuction procedure. The procedure can be repeated in most any part of your body where you are having a problem with deposits of fat.

Is Liposuction the Best Choice for You?

The best candidates for liposuction are in good overall health with realistic expectations. This procedure should be considered after you have done your part to tackle your fat. If you can’t get results on your own, our plastic surgeon can be your partner in trimming your body down to size.

If you choose liposuction, you need to understand that it will only last as long as you work to maintain the results. Liposuction eliminates the excess fat that is currently on your body, but you will need to embrace an active lifestyle and continue to eat a balanced diet in order to keep any new deposits of fat from building up on your body.

Talk to Our Surgeon to Find Out if Liposuction Will Work for You

The best way to find answers to your questions about liposuction is to visit the office of Beth Collins, MD in Guilford. This will give you the chance to address any concerns that you may have about the procedure. Our talented surgeon can evaluate your body and your trouble spots. If liposuction is ideal for you, she will lead you through the steps of the procedure and the recovery process, preparing you for what lies ahead. Take charge of your body and get rid of that fat with help from liposuction. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation to learn more.

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