Fight Back Against Aging with Surgical Brow Lift Treatments

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Most people feel very unsatisfied when they look in the mirror and see what the aging process has done to their face. We are not talking about just a few fine lines and wrinkles. We are talking about hanging skin and a changing appearance. In your youth, many people may have commented on the fact that you always looked happy and awake. However, now that the years have passed by, people may ask you why you look tired and angry. You may not feel tired or angry at all, but the way your appearance has changed causes you to appear in this way. If you are ready to start fighting back against the aging process, surgical brow lift treatments may be right for you.

There are quite a few reasons why you may begin to experience sagging skin as you get older. For one thing, you lose fat in your face. While losing fat is usually looked at as a good thing, when you lose fat in your face, this is not good. It causes you to have sagging skin and a hollow and sunken appearance. And, of course, gravity takes a toll on your appearance as the years pass. You also begin to lose collagen, elastin and other beneficial substances in your skin as you get older. All of these things work together to make you look older, angrier and tired.

One of the main areas that is affected by the aging process as you get older is the forehead or brow. You may begin to experience a lot of sagging, heavy skin in this area. In addition to the fact that it makes you look old, it can cause you to look upset and angry. People may feel uncomfortable approaching you, or you may have people make negative comments about your appearance.

While you cannot turn back the clock and completely stop the aging process, there are things that you can do to fight back against aging. Surgical brow lift treatments are designed to get rid of the extra hanging skin that you have above your eyebrows. After the treatment, you will notice that your skin is smoother. You will have a refreshed and rejuvenated look.

During a consultation at the office of Beth Collins, MD in Guilford, our team can assess the condition of your facial features and help you determine if a brow lift is right for you. Having perfected a number of different techniques in her surgical brow lift treatments, Dr. Collins and her team want to help you fight the aging process. Contact her office today to schedule an appointment.

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