Five Reasons to Consider a Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation surgery has been the most common cosmetic surgery in the country for several years, and it is only getting more popular. Breast implants are a safe and easy way to improve the appearance of your body and your mental health. While every woman has a different reason for undergoing a breast augmentation, these are five reasons to consider the cosmetic surgery.

Self-Esteem Boost

Poor self-esteem is the most common reason for getting nearly every form of cosmetic surgery. There is no reason to hate your appearance when you can easily fix it with a common medical procedure. If you have negative feelings towards your breasts that are ruining your overall self-esteem and happiness, then you need to schedule your breast augmentation consultation appointment as soon as possible. You will be amazed at how much better you feel about yourself after the procedure is completed.

Breasts are Not the Same Shape

Uneven breasts are common among women, and it is usually caused by uneven estrogen levels during puberty. While most uneven breasts are very hard to spot with the naked eye, some women have extremely uneven breasts. Getting a breast augmentation can make both of your breasts the same size. Repairing uneven breasts also gives you the chance to increase your cup size if you desire.

You Lost a Lot of Weight

There are few things overweight women can do to improve their health more than by losing a lot of weight. While the weight loss will make you much healthier, it will also have some unwanted effects on your breasts.

It is common for breasts to lose their shape and perkiness after weight loss. Brest augmentation surgery will let your breasts look amazing along with the rest of your new body.

Breasts Changed After Pregnancy

Much like drastic weight loss, pregnancy also does a number on your breasts. Your body is put under a lot of stress during pregnancy, which can result in droopy breasts. Getting breast implants is a safe and easy way to return to your pre-baby body.

Unusually Small Breasts

Some women are just born with unusually small breasts compared to the rest of their body. This condition is called micromastia, and it is caused by underdevelopment during puberty. While some women with micromastia are happy with their small breasts, there are others who are not. A breast augmentation will instantly give you the fuller figure you have desired for your entire life.

If you are experiencing any of the above, consider a breast augmentation. Contact the office of Dr. Beth Collins, MD today to schedule a consultation.

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