Four Common Lipsuction Myths Debunked

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Maintaining realistic expectations is important when considering liposuction, so it is also therefore necessary to separate fiction from fact. Here are four common liposuction myths that frequently confuse and frustrate patients.

Myth: Liposuction is for Weight Loss

Fact: Liposuction does not actually help with weight loss and will not cause a noticeable reduction in weight.

Liposuction is also not an effective way to combat obesity. Obese patients are typically not good candidates for the procedure, as health problems caused by obesity can make elective surgery too risky. Liposuction is best for patients who have a healthy weight and lifestyle, but simply want to improve body proportions or get rid of stubborn fat deposits in specific body areas.

Myth: Liposuction Removes Cellulite

Fact: Liposuction removes fat in deeper tissue layers, but doesn’t affect superficial fat deposits which, in combination with loss of skin elasticity, cause cellulite.

Laser treatments and non-surgical skin tightening procedures may be able to provide temporary cellulite reduction, but the best way to get rid of cellulite is with lifestyle changes that help you maintain well hydrated, collagen rich skin.

Myth: There are Non-Surgical Liposuction Options

Fact: Liposuction is a surgical procedure. There are some body slimming devices out there that claim to provide fat reduction without surgery, however these are often only mildly effective, if at all, and will not provide the same results.

Although liposuction is minimally invasive, it does still involve some sort of anesthesia and incisions needed to insert the suction tube, or cannula, that removes fat cells. So, very small, discreet liposuction scars will be present after the procedure, and patients will need to take at least a few days off work following liposuction.

Myth: Liposuction Can Also Treat Loose Skin

Fact: Liposuction is not an effective skin tightening treatment and cannot get rid of loose skin. However, liposuction is frequently performed in combination with procedures that address flab and excess skin such as a tummy tuck or arm lift surgery.

Some laser liposuction devices claim to offer skin tightening benefits in addition to fat reduction, but any skin tightening achieved with lasers during liposuction is usually minimal and will not do much for patients with moderate to severe skin laxity.

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