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Some types of breast reconstruction involve taking issue from the abdomen and using it to help reconstruct the breasts. One method of this, the free TRAM breast reconstruction technique, may be recommended to you as ideal for reconstructing your breasts.

The free TRAM breast reconstruction technique stands in contrast to the traditional TRAM technique. During the traditional TRAM technique, a pedicle of tissue stays attached to the abdomen while the tissue flap is moved to the breast. While this maintains a consistent blood supply to the graft tissue, having a pedicle limits the surgeon’s ability to reorient the tissue to best fit the area.

During the free TRAM breast reconstruction technique, on the other hand, there is no pedicle attached, so the tissue flap is completely disconnected from the body. This makes it so the surgeon is able to change the orientation of the flap as needed. The flap is attached to the breast area’s blood vessels, connecting to the blood supply.

Find out more when you come in for an informative free TRAM breast reconstruction consultation. Set up an appointment by contacting us. You’ll receive an evaluation by experienced and highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Beth Collins, your ideal choice for Connecticut breast reconstruction.

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