Freeze the Fat Away with CoolSculpting

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Many patients love CoolSculpting® because it’s a safe and effective way to freeze fat from the body, and since it doesn’t involve surgery, there is no downtime. The technology has been cleared by the FDA, and it can be used to sculpt the areas around your abdomen and thighs. Although the technology behind the procedure is nothing new, it’s still one of the best ways to get a slimmer body.

How the CoolSculpting® Treatment Destroys Fat Cells

The main purpose of the procedure is to eliminate fat, and it uses special applicators to deliver the freezing temperatures needed to kill fat cells. During the procedure, the applicators freeze the fat cells located beneath the skin.

Most patients tolerate the treatment quite well. After the cooling panels have been applied, the area will go numb, and from that point, you shouldn’t feel too much discomfort. In fact, most patients are able to read a book or use their phone while undergoing the procedure.

By removing heat from your skin at a steady rate, CoolSculpting® is able to cool the fat in the target area. Over time, the cells are eliminated by the body through natural processes, and you get to enjoy great results.

What are the Benefits?

Many patients diet and exercise, but they still can’t seem to lose any stubborn fat. CoolSculpting® is a popular procedure because it eliminates the fat that doesn’t respond to dieting and exercise. This stubborn fat tends to accumulate around your midsection, flanks and thighs, and it can have a negative impact on your overall appearance.

One of the major benefits of CoolSculpting® is the lack of surgery, and the treatment is gentle enough for most patients. Another advantage of this treatment is that it uses your body’s natural processes to eliminate unwanted fat.

Over time, your body’s natural processes get rid of the disrupted fat cells, and you end up with a slimmer figure. The treatment is popular because it doesn’t require needles, incisions, medicine or anesthesia, and the downtime is nonexistent.

Reasons to Consider CoolSculpting®

One of the main reasons why people choose this procedure is because it offers spot reduction. Put simply, it can remove fat from a specific area, and you can’t do this with diet and exercise alone.

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable way to eliminate stubborn fat and sculpt your body, then it may be time to consider CoolSculpting® treatment at the office of Beth Collins, MD in Guilford. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation to learn more!

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