Gain a Newfound Self-Confidence with a Breast Reduction

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Breast surgery is among the most requested cosmetic procedures in the United States, with reductions representing approximately seven percent of all breast procedures. If you have large breasts and are curious about your surgical options, a breast reduction may be just the solution you need.

Reasons to Consider Reduction

The first and most obvious reason for many breast reductions is simple desire. If you feel your breasts make you appear top-heavy or fat, if you’re tired of lecherous staring when you’re out in public or if you’re just sick of being forced to pay tailor’s fees for all of your blouses to be fit to your proportions, you need no other reason to seek breast reduction.

On the other side of the coin are women who don’t exactly mind the size of their breasts, but they are experiencing back, shoulder or neck pain that impacts their daily lives. Athletic women and those who enjoy an active lifestyle may also experience chafing or painful sores from underwires and straps.

No matter what your reasons may be, all are completely valid and reason enough to seek a solution.

Emotional and Social Benefits of a Reduction

Many women with large busts experience unwanted attention, from cat-calling on the public bus to being passed over for promotions due to their ‘provocative’ looks.

By reducing her bust, a woman can reclaim her confidence and make her personality, intelligence and work ethic the focus, rather than her figure.

The point of reduction for these women is not so much reducing their breasts, but removing them from the spotlight. This can lead to more confidence while dating, while out and about in town and even in the boardroom.

The Reduction Process

During a breast reduction, excess tissue and skin are removed and the result is a smaller, firmer breast sitting high on the chest wall. Once satisfied with the shape, our cosmetic surgeon then wraps the patient in a surgical bra, which is like a large, supportive dressing. Healing usually takes six to eight weeks, with most women going back to work in that time frame.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If your big breasts are causing you pain, embarrassment, unhappiness or you just don’t like the way they look, breast reduction surgery may be an option for you. Located in Guilford, the office of Dr. Beth Collins, MD is here to help you every step of the way in achieving a more proportionate bust size for your figure.

You don’t have to live with your oversized breasts any longer. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation to see if you are a candidate for breast reduction surgery.

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