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Scare spider veins away for good this year

There are enough freights during Halloween without the added shivers of visible reddish blue, web-shaped lines that you may have along your legs and ankles. Yes, you could be dealing with a different kind of terror this Halloween known as spider veins.

But there’s an answer to help scare off those creepy spider veins so you can show off those BOO-tiful legs in your Halloween costume this year.

It’s called sclerotherapy.

Treat yourself this Halloween

If showing off your legs is near the top of your list of things that you are afraid of this Halloween, sclerotherapy can be your answer to feeling confident in that costume you’ve been dying to try on.

Spider veins?

Unlike varicose veins, spider veins are flat and appear more like the after-math of scribbling on your leg with a dark red or blue ball point pen. Spider veins also do not cause as much pain or discomfort as varicose veins, but they can be just as unsightly and may also be caused by genetics or professions that require longer periods of standing – nurses, salespersons, professors, etc.

The good news is that despite their name, spider veins are not really a part of the venous system and can be treated one of two ways – injection or laser Sclerotherapy.

What is Sclerotherapy?

In order to reduce the appearance and discomfort of spider veins, a trained specialist will use an ablation treatment such as Sclerotherapy. Either an injection or laser form of sclerotherapy can be used to help fade spider veins.

Sclerotherapy works by eliminating those extra veins without interfering with the body’s circulation or blood flow. The treatment is very safe and takes just about a half hour.

Are you ready to turn those scary legs into sexy ones?

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