Lack of Sleep Linked to Premature Skin Aging

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Well, we’ve all been told this before by our mothers as they struggled to get us into our pajamas, but a recent study by the UH Case Medical Center’s Skin Study Center in Cleveland provides conclusive evidence to confirm that not getting enough sleep can cause your skin to age quicker.

The research studied 60 women and demonstrated that an inadequate amount of sleep can lead to reduced skin health while speeding up the aging process, as well. While many believed this link to exist before, this is the first time it has been proven. We’re not just talking about bags under the eyes either! The research found that a lack of sleep can actually cause your skin to dry out and become more vulnerable to sun damage, essentially causing your skin to age much quicker. Dehydrated skin can also lead to eczema and a list of other skin conditions. The amount of sleep someone gets was also found to have an impact on pigmentation and laxity of the skin, as well as a higher self-confidence in those who got more sleep.

The moral of the story? Get more sleep to help preserve your youth! Now, in this crazy busy world that we live in today, sleep is often an after thought to work, family, and a never ending list of other responsibilities. However, it is important to adopt a regular sleep schedule to maintain good health and to look younger for longer.

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