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Tired of seeing new facial wrinkles form? Don’t let lines and wrinkles become the most prominent aspect of your face. Radiesse treatments are a non-surgical solution for a variety of signs of facial aging.

Radiesse treatments fill in wrinkles and folds in the skin through the addition of volume and structure to the tissues. The Radiesse gel filler contains microspheres made of calcium hydroxylapatite. This substance is normally found in the human body as a substance used in collagen protein creation. With more collagen, the skin gains volume and tightness.

Adding microspheres under the skin provides a structure that immediately eases lines and wrinkles. The increase in collagen production further eases away these wrinkles over time.

Dr. Beth Collins, a board-certified plastic surgeon, can tell you more about Radiesse treatments and the other aesthetic treatments we offer. To arrange an informative consultation, contact us today.

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