Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Breast Augmentation

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Quite a few surgeons offer breast augmentation in New Haven. To achieve great results, you need to work with a surgeon who understands your concerns and goals for the surgery. Before choosing a surgeon, it’s a good idea to meet with several of them during consultations, so you can get a feel for the practice and make sure you’re comfortable with the doctor.

As you meet with plastic surgeons in New Haven for consultations, use this list as a guide to understanding each doctor’s qualifications and experience in cosmetic surgery.

1. Have you undergone training for breast augmentation? Do you have the skills required for multiple techniques?

Skills overlap in many surgical procedures, so you might find surgeons with different background and training doing the same procedures. But only plastic surgeons receive training for breast augmentation as a primary part of their residency. This specialized training gives them skills in a wider range of current breast augmentation techniques.

2. Who administers anesthesia for the surgery?

Anesthesia is considered safe with a trained practitioner, but in the wrong hands it can pose a significant risk. Whoever administers your anesthesia should be trained, prepared for unexpected problems, and focused on your safety.

3. Who will support me through surgery and recovery?

Your surgeon should be accessible and responsible for you, and the staff should also support you through the entire experience. They should oversee much of the procedure and guide you through the recovery process. Doing this is vital to both the success of the surgery.

4. Do you have hospital privileges?

To obtain privileges at any New Haven or Guilford hospital, surgeons have to prove or demonstrate a record of training for that type of surgery. Surgeons operating outside a hospital may be in an outpatient surgical suite or surgery center, in which case you should check their accreditation status.

5. Is this facility accredited and safe?

Breast augmentation can be performed in a hospital or outpatient surgery center. To receive proper accreditation in a private outpatient center, the practice needs to meet a wide range of safety standards as set by organizations like AAAHC (Accreditations Association for Ambulatory Health Care).

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