Tumescent Liposuction, Fat Freezing, Botox Injections: Which Cosmetic Surgery is Right for You?

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Deciding on the best cosmetic procedure for your needs can quickly move from passive browsing to painstaking research. Should you get a surgical facelift or tighten your skin with a laser? Is liposuction the answer, or would it be more effective to freeze your fat cells? These are the type of questions plaguing cosmetic surgery consumers and unfortunately comparative research for many surgical procedures is sparse.

A recent study published by Murad Alam, MD, chief of cutaneous and aesthetic surgery at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in the latest issue of Dermatologic Clinics provides some insight for both physicians and patients. The report, which compiled data from 98 studies, compared the effectiveness of various competing cosmetic dermatology procedures.

See some of Alam’s findings listed below:

Liposuction: According to Alam, Tumescent liposuction is a very safe option. For this form of liposuction, a physician injects fluid into the fat removal area. Traditionally, excess bleeding has been a worrisome complication of liposuction, but not with Tumescent liposuction because the anesthetic used prevents bleeding.

Fat Freezing: This procedure, which kills fat cells using a device comprised of two cooling plates that fit around fat on the stomach or thigh areas, is a promising new tool. However, Alam cautions that there is little known about its level of efficacy across patients or how long the results will last.

Botox Injections: Botox has been a popular procedure for nearly 20 years and research has shown that it is a safe option, unlikely to cause any serious reactions.

Low-Level Laser Light for Fat Removal: Knowledge of this device and its level of efficacy are limited. While it has been deemed safe to use in cosmetic patients, there is very little research on whether it’s an effective method or if any results yielded will last long term.

Non-Invasive Skin Tightening: This procedure utilizes radio-frequency energy, infrared light or ultrasound to shrink the skin. Research on this procedure, like many others reviewed, is particularly slim. According to Alam, “Some tightening definitely occurs.” However, again there is little known about its level of efficacy across patients or how long the results will last. One prior study has shown this procedure to be one-third as effective as a surgical facelift.

In his report, Alam stressed that more comparative research must be done for popular cosmetic procedures. Finding accurate information on many of these procedures can be an extremely difficult task for potential patients. Seeking out an experienced physician should always be your number one goal when electing to undergo cosmetic surgery.

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