Using Snail Slime to Help Smooth Skin

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We have been providing our patients with beautiful, youthful looking skin with the DermaPen, but our friends over in Japan have been using a slightly different technique to smooth skin: snails. Yes, snails. Those squirmy, shelled slugs that slowly scoot across your grass all day eating up all your plants. A spa in Tokyo is now offering their patients the $300 Celebrity Escargot Package in which a snail basically crawls on your face for about an hour while drenching your face in its slime.

The slime that the snail leaves behind is said to be beneficial in treating your skin because it is believed to be excreted as an antioxidant and hyaluronic-acid-rich slime.

Don’t go running to your lawn to rub a snail on your face just yet. According to the Daily Mail, the spa is using five special snails. And just like a professional athlete or model, the snails are kept on a strict diet of just organic vegetables. All for a high quality slime, of course.

Would you ever consider doing this to your face? For those of you less likely to pay big money for a creepy crawly spa outing, Beth Collins MD Plastic Surgery offers the revolutionary DermaPen procedure to deliver proven results for a glowing, younger-looking complexion.

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