What are the Pros of Plastic Surgery?

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Dear Abby, the syndicated advice column, recently fielded a question about plastic surgery. A reader explains that she “dislikes the prevalence of plastic surgery and Botox in today’s society,” arguing that it gives young people an unhealthy perception of body image.

In response, “Abby” educates her about the pros of plastic surgery. But the exchange does beg the question: how should you explain your procedure to your children or family members?

Children May Not Understand the Pros of Plastic Surgery

Most adults can understand the way that appearance can affect one’s self-esteem. They should also be able to distinguish between a reasonable aesthetic concern and an insecurity that distorts the way they see themselves.

Children however, without a fully developed sense of reason, will have difficulty making these distinctions.

If you’re a mom or dad considering a procedure, it could be challenging to explain the pros of plastic surgery to your child. Family disclosures about cosmetic surgery are personal matters that patients decide for themselves. However, you’d be wise to take the advice of Dear Abby, and refrain from any public boasting about your results.

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