What Is a Photofacial?

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When we think about a facial treatment, we usually conjure up images of abrasive resurfacing, chemical peels or facelifts. These are, of course, popular means of rejuvenating the facial skin, either by ablation methods, repositioning of the dermis or scrubbing away dead or damaged surface skin cells. A photofacial involves none of these techniques, however. The word photo comes from the Latin word for light, and that is exactly what a photofacial treatment involves.

Different wavelengths of broad band light carry energy, and that energy is used to remove the blood vessels and pigment that cause problematic blemishes on your skin. A photofacial uses different wavelengths that can safely penetrate the upper skin layers and focus the energy absorption on the supportive tissues that lie beneath.

Broad Band Light

Broad band light, or BBL, is a popular photofacial treatment, which uses several different wavelengths. The device sends light that is absorbed only by tissues that have the proper density and color tone. The light ultimately affects the problematic tissues in a way that causes them to be removed from the body.

Benefits of a Photofacial

No skin ablation or other surgical procedure is performed, so the client need not worry about surgical scarring. The surface of the skin is not resurfaced by means of crystal blasting or the application of acidic chemicals. Therefore, this procedure is suitable for people with a light skin tone. No downtime is required after the procedure, which generally takes only about half an hour. Normal activities can be resumed at once.

Get The Facts About Photofacial Treatment

At the office of Dr. Beth Collins, MD in Guilford, we will be happy to discuss the entire photofacial treatment with you. During a consultation, we’ll tell you right away if you are a suitable candidate for photofacial therapy. This treatment is extremely effective at treating a variety of skin conditions, including sun damage, redness, small spider veins, broken capillaries and much more. Another great thing about the treatment is that it can be used on multiple parts of the body, such as the face, back, chest and arms.

If you are looking for a solution to fine lines and wrinkles, a photofacial will not be ideal. We will be happy to recommend one of our other cosmetic treatments if this is the case. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment to learn more about how a photofacial can benefit you.

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