What is Ear Pinning Surgery?

Woman with hair pulled back showing ears

Many individuals are unsatisfied with the appearance of their ears. Some people are just a little unsatisfied and may use their hair to cover their ears. Others are so affected by the appearance of their ears that it causes them to be withdrawn and even feel depressed. Sadly, many individuals who have large ears that stick out are sometimes ridiculed and bullied when they are in school. They do not have the same level of self-confidence that other individuals who have what are considered to be normal and attractive-looking ears have. Many have turned to ear pinning surgery in order to get ears that are more attractive and to give them a boost of self-confidence.

Ear pinning surgery is designed in order to slightly pull back the ears. If you have the opportunity to look at before and after pictures of individuals who have had the surgery performed, you will see that in the before pictures, individuals had ears that stuck out quite far. After the ear pinning surgery was performed, their ears were pinned back on their head a little bit more. They are pinned back in a natural-looking way that does not draw as much attention to the ears.

Ear pinning surgery is called otoplasty. Otoplasty refers to any type of surgery that is performed on the outer ear. It can be used to pin back the ears, change the shape of the ears, change the size of the ears and do other things to enhance the appearance of the ears. This is not a surgery that is performed on the middle or inner ear. This means that when a person uses otoplasty or ear pinning surgery, their hearing is not affected at all.

Children and adults qualify for ear pinning surgery. Many parents have opted to have this surgery done on their child in order to help them avoid teasing and bullying as they grow up and go through school. They also realize that when ear pinning surgery is used, their child is likely to have more success in life. Like it or not, when a person has a more attractive appearance, they usually have much better opportunities. This is true no matter if we are talking about school opportunities, business opportunities or even relationships.

The best way for you to find out if ear pinning surgery is right for you or your child is to schedule a consultation at the office of Beth Collins, MD. During this meeting at our office in Guilford, Dr. Collins and her team can ask you questions about what it is about your ears that bothers you and how you would like to see them look after surgery. From there, we will come up with a plan in order to use ear pinning surgery or other cosmetic treatments to help you get an appearance that you will be proud of. Contact our office today to request a consultation for otoplasty.

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